5 Great Apps for a Happier You

To many social scientists and politicians, we live in a culture of loneliness and detachment. Technology has made us slaves to our devices and we no longer know how to relate to one another. While there are definitely merits and research to back these claims, it seems to me that we’re looking at it the wrong way. Let’s stand on our heads for second. Perspective change! Perhaps the real question we should be asking ourselves is, am I living my best life? Social dynamics have always and will always shift, morph, and change, but you have the power to live your best life. Since social technology is here for the foreseeable future, why not use it to live well? Here are 5 great (free) apps to power your happy lifestyle.

Smiling Mind

Yep, the picture pretty much explains the app. Smiling App is a really cool app. Aside from having the most adorable logo ever it’s also a super easy way to learn how to meditate. Smiling Mind is an Australian app and therefore the app instructor has an awesome Australian accent, which makes it more fun. You can track your progress, mood, and there is this funny zen music that makes you feel pretty awesome. I tried this on the metro and actually felt more calm during my commute. Unleash your inner zen with this adorable app.

Downloads: App Store | Google Play 

Soul Pancake

Who knew Dwight from The Office actually cared about humanity? If you’ve heard of Kid President or seen the ball pit video, you’ve probably heard of Rainn Wilson’s, Soul Pancake. It’s a great website, app, and creative agency examining “life’s big questions.” I learned more about it at the Adobe Max conference and downloaded the app. It’s pretty cool. There are activities, questions, and challenges that work to examine what it means to be human. Not to fear, it’s very approachable. You’ll like it.

Download: App Store


I’m throwing this one in because the concept is great. Hang out with your friends, drink, and connect with others doing the same. I haven’t tried it yet but *knock on wood* it’s G rated (no pun intended) and not another sketchy version of chatroulette. In theory the app represents the best of social networking and universal connection.

Downloads: App Store | Google Play


This app has been getting a lot of well-deserved press. The psychology and design of it are amazing. When you share a happy moment little confetti falls. It really incentivizes gratitude. You can “smile” at others’ happy moments and participate in challenges, set daily reminders to focus on happy moments, and there are even little tips.

Download: App Store


Another beautifully designed app. InFlow allows you to track your mood and activities and learn where you’re most at flow. The app is new so there are still a few things missing (advice and insights are coming soon), but it shows potential. I’m looking forward to the updates.

Downloads: App Store | Google Play


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