5 Ways to Keep Your New Year’s Resolutions

Your new year’s resolutions should feel like music thumping, streamer flowing, horn sounding New Year’s Eve parties, not the hangover the next day. Here are some ways to make your resolutions fun for the rest of the year.

Keep Saying “Yes and”

There is a rule in improv and comedy in general that you always take a “yes and” approach to a scene. If your scene partner says, “hey look at that sexy poster of so-and-so,” you run up to that poster and make out with it. That’s how you should frame your resolutions. Take them to the next level. Don’t resolve to quit eating sweets, stop stressing out, or lose weight. Instead, resolve to eat mind-blowing healthy snacks, channel your inner Bob Marley, or love your body.  By erasing quit, stop, and lose from your resolution vocabulary, you’ll be less likely to quit, stop, or lose your resolve. Fuel your resolutions with positive words and funny details. Your brain will recognize them positively and you will be more motivated to keep and think of creative ways to achieve them.

Weave Them Into Larger Goals

Weave your resolutions into bigger dreams or goals. If you have a dream of retiring at 45, why not make 2014 the year to take some actionable steps? Making progress on your dreams is a real motivator.

Humor, Humor, Humor

Sometimes you slip up. It happens. Maybe you were on a roll and then three weeks in you start losing your resolve. Shake it off and find a funny way to get back on track. You have all year to get it right. The movie Happy-Go-Lucky hits the nail on the head. Sometimes you just have to laugh at yourself. Loosen up and keep moving. So you missed a week? So what?

Create A Few ‘Easy A’ Resolutions

Resolve to do something you’ll not only achieve, but achieve in a big way. By creating a few easy resolutions you’ll stay motivated for the bigger ones.

Chunk It Up

No one said you had to work on your resolutions all at once or all year. Make them manageable and fun. I made a quick 2014 calendar with space for your resolutions. Each month is notecard size so you can cut them out and put them on your desk as little reminders. Maybe you have a few fun resolutions one month and one continuous one for the rest of the year? Even if you don’t have any resolutions, free calendar right? 🙂

Here’s to 2014 being the best year ever!


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