5 Ways to Enjoy Your Work Week

You ever watch a movie and notice how much the characters do in one day?  You rarely know what day it is because they’re always doing something. They live in permanent weekend mode. Of course this got me thinking, damn that’s a good way to live. Experiment time.

So this past week I decided to embark on a quest of sorts. I decided I was going to make my work week feel like my weekend.

Monday: Try Something New/Have an Adventure

I decided I wanted to have an adventure, but I had no idea what the hell I was going to do. I racked my brain trying to think of the coolest thing ever, but nothing was coming to mind. I’m pretty sure I even googled “cool things to do after work” and even asked my coworker Jessie to help me think of things. I settled on going to the Portrait Gallery because I had never been and it was open until 7.

The museum was awesome. I was expecting a museum full of posed presidents and historical figures. But I quickly learned that my definition of “portrait” was totally off. A portrait is more than a sitting president, it’s a story. Portraits are memories, movies, movements, shared experiences, and sometimes just an idea. The museum really drew on this interpretation.  I had a blast in the dance exhibit. John Travolta had some moves back in the day! Yes there were presidents, yes there were historical figures, and yes there were a lot of posed portraits, but taking the time to really look at them gave you a glimpse into their life, the period, and their personality. It got me thinking about my own family. My mom always tells me stories about my family whenever we pull out the family photos. Each photo has a story, a memory, and a character. Portraits give life meaning (even the selfies). Posed or candid, portraits capture a moment in time and help you remember the little things.

So pick a day to have an adventure. Choose something random or plan something fun. You never know what you’ll rethink or discover about the world or yourself. Oh and take pictures.

Tuesday: Have a Fun Workout

So after Monday’s successful trip to the Portrait Gallery I was really looking forward to Tuesday. My coworker Lauren always pesters me about trying Zumba, so I thought, why not, something new and maybe it’ll be fun. I looked up the schedule and saw that there was a class scheduled for Tuesday for $7. Perfect. And then this happened.

Me: I want to take the 5:30 Zumba class.
Gym Guy: Sure. It’s $7. Are you a member of the gym?
Me: No.
Gym Guy: Ok fill out this paper
{Exit Gym Guy. Enter Gym Girl}
Gym Girl: Here I’ll take your ID so we can make this go faster. Oh you’re staff?
Me: Yes, is that a problem?
Gym Girl: Um yea, you have to be a member of the gym. You should have said something.
Me: (ignoring the terrible customer service) Ok how much will it cost since I’m not a member?
Gym Girl: uhh $200.

Needless to say I went back to my office, but I was determined to find a way to do Zumba. Fortunately, last summer, my coworkers and I did bootleg Jillian Michaels workouts on YouTube so I decided to do some bootleg YouTube Zumba. On my way to the metro my coworker Jessie said, “now you can blog about how sometimes things don’t go as planned, but that you can turn lemons into lemonade.” #truth

I still had a good workout, learned some new dance moves, and, silver lining, there is a $5 staff class on Monday. Life doesn’t always go your way, but sometimes it’s because something better is coming. I’m saving $2 by taking next Monday’s class and I was reminded of the old adage in the process.

Tuesday was a success. Pick a day to get a good workout in and make sure that it’s an activity that’s fun for you. You’ll feel refreshed afterwards and those endorphins will do wonders for your mood.

Wednesday: Girls (or Guys) Night

So this was the only planned part of my week. My coworkers and I all wanted to see About Time so we headed to Bethesda Row for a girls night. Girls nights are awesome because you’re laughing non-stop and there are usually sweets involved. Our trip to Bethesda Row was no exception. I forgot how much I love Georgetown Cupcake and About Time was super cute! They market it as a rom com but it’s really a movie about happiness. I recommend it to everyone.

Whether you’re in a relationship, single, or married I think it’s important to have a night out with the girls (or guys if you’re a guy). And by without the guys I don’t mean making it a mission to find single men or texting boyfriends/husbands all night, but a true girls night. Doing girl things. Talking shit. Eating sweets. Laughing at high decibels. Not having to explain anything. Studies show that girls nights are proven to make you feel more confident and happy. What a perfect excuse to drink and eat cupcakes!

Thursday: Create a Routine To Look Forward To

I look forward to watching Scandal and Greys Anatomy, so I didn’t need to plan anything for Thursday. I think establishing a routine or weekly activity gives you something to look forward to and Scandal never disappoints! Find an activity that you’re guaranteed to look forward to and look forward to it. Build it up. Add popcorn or pizza to the mix. Make the build up and excitement a routine. It doesn’t have to be big or even particularly glamorous, just something you enjoy. I remember when I worked in NYC I made it a goal to watch one movie a week. I worked 50-80 hours a week and lived in NYC so watching a movie was a great way to take a breather from the hustle and bustle. When I moved back home I decided to start reading the Harry Potter series but would only allow myself to read the books on the metro so that I would look forward to my long commute. Routines are nice and they can be fun if you make them.

Friday: It’s Friday!

It’s Friday. For all intents and purposes it is the weekend. Live it up! Drinky Drinky 😀

Overall, it was a great work week and BONUS it was just the prequel to the actual weekend! So my advice, make every day feel a weekend. If you’re unhappy, establishing a routine will help you feel better. If it doesn’t right away, just fake it ’til you make it. Create a weekly plan that you actually want to stick to, savor small wins, and pay attention to the good things that happen to you. Everyone has a purpose. Everyone is here for a reason. Enjoy the process.


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