10 Ways to Treat. Yo. Self.

Ok, just so we’re all on the same page before I begin:

So this summer has seriously been one of the best summers I’ve ever had. Why? Because I said “self, you’re going to make this an awesome summer. hell yea. do it. treat. yo. self.” Here are my recommendations to you, not just for summer but for life.

1) Eat Whatever The Hell You Want

I get a lot of shit because I eat a lot of unhealthy stuff. And ok, I probably deserve some of it. But I have a theory, take it with a grain of salt. Someone offers you a cupcake. Your mind wants the cupcake so your body prepares for you to eat the cupcake. But you say, no I shouldn’t I’m on a diet. So your body is furious and as a result you eat hummus, peanut butter, an apple, quinoa, and like half a vegan chocolate chip cookie. Are you satisfied? No. Did you just consume calories neither your mind nor your body wanted, yes. So eat the cupcake. It’s good to be healthy, but life is too short for diets. Live a little. I’m not saying eat everything. It’s good to live a healthy lifestyle, but don’t punish yourself. Love your mind and body no matter what. Food isn’t the enemy. Food has so many social and emotional benefits. It’s always brought my family together. Some of my best memories involve food. So should yours.

2) Practice Mindfulness. 

My goal in life is just to be happy. I’m not into yoga or new age trends. I’m not a Buddhist and meditation certainly doesn’t come naturally, but practicing mindfulness is neither hard nor frustrating. Example: I was at the beach. I love the beach. I wanted to remember being there so I put my feet in the water and only focused on my feet, the water, the sand under my toes and how all of these things felt. I noticed that the water makes this funny bubbling sound when it hits your feet. I noticed that the sand feels like little rollerskates on the balls of your feet. I noticed the anticipation I felt when the waves crashed and I knew they were coming towards my feet. I didn’t think about the fact that I had to leave that day, or how much I had to do at work, or the people at the beach. I just focused on the feeling of my feet and the sand and the water. This is mindfulness. When I first started practicing mindfulness I listened to a lot of Coldplay. It helps haha. I personally love this little article. The illustrations are adorable and it really broke down mindfulness for me.

3) Have Little Adventures

Do you usually walk on one side of the street after work? Walk on the other side and make a goal of trying something you haven’t tried while walking on that side. Nail salon? Treat. Yo. Self. Hardware store? Treat. Yo. Self. Hot man/woman walking? Treat. Yo. Self.

4) Watch These 10 Movies

Watch/re-watch these movies and spend a day living the best aspects of the main character(s). Just try it. At the very least watch these movies. They are good movies.

Coming to America
Bridget Jones’ Diary
The Pursuit of Happyness
The Spectacular Now
Forrest Gump
Napoleon Dynamite
Love Actually

5) Go to Happy Hour

You spend 35+ hours every week with your co-workers. They’re your family. Don’t turn down happy hour. Sometimes you might not feel like going. You had a tough day. You want to watch a show. You’re tired. Shake it off and go. Happy hour will help you decompress. 50-70% of you liking your job job is liking the people you work with. My co-workers and I are regulars at this one bar. I’m pretty sure we know the specials for each day of the week and what each person drinks. So go to happy hour. Find your group, find your bar, and make it a weekly thing.

6) Reconnect With Old Friends
And get drunk. Yep. That’s pretty much all I have to say about that.

7) Go to a Conference/Big Event

I seriously had the best time at the Adobe Max conference. It made me fall back in love with my profession and it also made me realize that I need to start going to more conferences and big events. Conferences and events help you find your people. Everyone I know that goes to comic-con or their greek centennials/conferences feel refreshed and happy because they made so many new friends, reconnected with old friends, or finally found their people. This month I’m going to Maker Faire. I’m finally starting to embrace my inner nerd rather than fighting it. Figure out what you really love and find the corresponding event. There is literally something for everyone.

8) Switch Up Your Fashion

I went to Eastern Market this summer and bought totally unnecessary jewelry and clothes that, in the past, I probably would have admired but never bought. They’ve since become some of my favorite outfits and accessories. Go crazy, buy something you wouldn’t ordinarily wear and rock it with confidence. My sister is the queen of fashion confidence. One time she wore sequin shorts and a red sweater. I think that’s great. Don’t be boring. Create your own style. You’ll start feeling like you look on the outside.

9) Let Go of Negativity

It’s so easy to dwell on the negative, but just let it go. You’re only giving power to situations that hurt your overall happiness. Good things will come your way if you keep an open mind and heart and practice gratitude.

10) (insert here)

Find and share something new. Treat. Yo. Self. Life is Burger King ya’ll, you can have it your way.


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