5 Ways Twitter Can Make You Happier

So I took a rather long hiatus from Twitter. Partially because I didn’t make the time for it and partially because my job required it. Tweeting felt like a job. But this summer I decided to jump back in the water after coming across some really great people, events, things, and food on Twitter, and I’ve come to the conclusion that Twitter makes me happy. This is why and how I think everyone can use Twitter to feel better about the direction of their life and infuse a little fun into your day to day.

Follow Followers of Happiness
Despite what Facebook might lead you to believe, your life is awesome!  I’m not married, I don’t have kids, I don’t have an adorable puppy, and I don’t own a home. I rent, I’m happily unmarried, I’m unsure about kids, and well ok I do kinda want an adorable puppy but I’m not sure I have the time for one. But that’s ok, because I found this on Twitter:

I seriously watch this video AT LEAST once a week and it makes me just as happy as seeing adorable puppy pictures, beautiful weddings, and funny kids on Facebook and Instagram. I found it through @HooplaHa and have since created a list full of happy twitter handles that make me seriously optimistic about life. You can subscribe to my list or create one of your own. I’d love to follow yours! I think surrounding yourself with positivity is a surefire way to feel great about your life. I start my day with my list and a cup of coffee (actually soda but coffee sounds better) and I feel instantly better about the day.


(Get started by becoming a Happster)

Tweet Positive Thoughts
I’m not immune to unhappiness, sarcasm, and a little negative humor, I just tend not to tweet about it. I find that tweeting happy thoughts attracts happy thoughts that attract happy things into your life. If you tweet the best parts of your day, the best parts of your day will become your day. By being limited to 140 characters, you restrict your mind to think only good thoughts. Try it. If I’m wrong then well…just continue tweeting until I’m right.

photo (1)

(I told myself I was going to have a good day and I found this when I came to work)

Live Someone Else’s Tweet
Similar to thinking happy, try living happy. Live someone else’s tweet. Sometimes I’ll see a tweet about a new restaurant or event or something cool someone else did and I think, “damn that looks really cool…I wish I could try/do/eat that” and then I remember, oh wait, I can!  And I do. Pick something random on your timeline to do or try and share something cool with others. You never know who could start following you.

Put a Positive Spin on It
Sometimes you’re just like, I gotta RT or write this minimally negative tweet. It happens, but find a way to make it funny. When you can laugh about it, it can suddenly become a bit more positive. I’ve come to learn that humor is the fastest way to feel better about something negative. Find the funny. It’s in there somewhere.

Set Twitter Goals
My goal was to simply start tweeting again and it led to a lot of great things. I’ve met some great people through twitter, been invited to help with some amazing projects, and tried some great new food/places. People like to think that the number of followers you have dictates your success on social media. I’d argue that the quality of your followers and who you follow matters most. When you look at your feed, do you feel happy? You should.


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