Spread the Cheer With Free Printables


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It’s been a while since I’ve posted but I’m back to share all things cute and fun. These past few months I’ve really made an effort to try new things, say yes to invitations, keep an open mind, and have fun. I’ve come to realize that life is all about experiences and the memories you share with others. I’ve also come to realize that happiness is contagious and that sometimes small things can really help others find happiness and pass it on. So in an effort to promote passing on the happiness and inspired in part by The Happsters, I made some free printables. My hope is that you all print them out, write something awesome, and share them with others. I focused on the work week because I find that having a great work week makes a huge difference in your overall hapinesss. Happiness at work = happiness at home. So go forth and have a great work week. Make after work plans, stop by that bakery you’ve been meaning to try, invite a friend to paint or try pottery after work, play a board game, go to happy hour. Enjoy life. You only have one.


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